The Kothu Translator

Kothu is the old language that was used to be spoken in the Kingdome of Kogd where Reilsss was born. Saddly does Reilsss's family members barbely rember parts of this old language. That only a wordlist could come up with some of the most importent words of the kothu. The Language is not common to the public and probally should not be used in common way. All Copyrigths of the language belongs to Motaro and his draconic family.

Sinces Reilsss got tired to seek for every single word in the list to build a sentences in Kothu. I made this translator thing, that easylie converts the word its know in seconds.

Please rember that this converting will iroge the kothu rules of grammer.
The system can work correctly when you put a space in front of every new word. Also for the first word of your text, or new sentece!


The wordlist below shows all yet known and founded words of the Kothu Language. Please respect the work on collecting this and do not use the words in this list without permission, of Reilsss on other webpages, chatrooms ar any other kind of web place.
Thank you.