Reilsss's story of the kingdom Kogd

My story of Kogd begins in the time where GD the queen of had a mate. He was just known as DD, a dragon of a foreign kingdom. GD and DD breeded a son with the name Motaro, (my draconic father). GD gave her son as he became a teenager, one of the most powerful Houses in Kogd. GD wanted her son to be the next majest of Kogd, that made DD so jealously that DD did kill GD befor she could finish her plan. The murdering of the Queen rised an huge conflict between DD's and Motaro's legionsr.

The conflict did turn out of control and into an real disaster, as Kogd combat rules got broken from DD and his men. Befor the anyone could realse what is happeing, did the two most powerful parties of Kogd, drow the land in warfare. Durring the heavy combating, changed DD's legion every dominated area of Kogd after DD's desire. Even the holy temple of the House of Motaro, where DD placed his headquader got modifcated, by DD's bizzare architecutre. In fact I can say DD did rape the kingdome, destoryed the nature and runed the beauty in that Kogd citys onces shined. After more then 5.000 years of warefare did DD beat Motaro in a large combat.

Better sayed, Motaro choosed that it was finally enogth. Commanded his Units to withdraw from the burned down battle field. Motaro escaped with the rest of his legion and civilians that where on his side. Leaving DD the thron of Kogd for that the evil dragon made the bloodiest war in history of Kogd. While DD's men raped the rest of the already destroyed kingdom did Motaro and his folk build on a far save place a new home, simply called New Kogd, to recharge strength and find a way back to 'live' without combat.

Years latter a straing boi crossed Motaro's way, joined his House. He rised and learned, from Motaro and his elites. Enogth that he was traveling one day to old Kogd. To simply show up at DD's temple and face the dark lord himself. Rumors rebort that the boi made a kind of deal with DD of unknown details. But the result of the meeting was supricing for a lot of New Kogd members. Even Motaro was suprcied from the result that DD left the thron from self, to make space for the true king of Kogd that Queen GD choosed for many many years. EagEr hands di begin to recreate Old Kogd out what DD left.

Motaro then did move after a while places from new Kogd back to old Kogd. Things turned out well under Motaros monarchy. Leading the path to its old gloryness it onces had. But not for a long time. Motaro himself already an elder and wise dragon choosed to follow his own shamanic path, and leaving the thron of Kogd. Without a real election did he give the leadership of the new formed kingdom into his sons hand. How is now trying to finish his fathers started path...

But that is a diffrent story...