Links to diffrent good racing games

Test Drive Unlimited

TDU Central Its a german lanugage page but has very accurant news.
TDU offical page The offical homepage of the game. The first spot to inform about this brilliant game.
TDU US Forum The offical forum is a good alternative. Sinces there a lag of TDU pages along the web.
Cars of TDU A homepage that presentate all cars and bikes that are inside the game.


Race Sim Central Very nice forum about GTR2 and Addons of GTR2.
GTR4u Very nice german forum, with huge download database.
NoGrip Very Good page that cares all about addons for Simbin games such as GTR2.
Archeo Skins Templates and Skins for the Simbin games.
Archeo Skins Templates and Skins for the Simbin games.
File Front Host Filefront Hosts the GT Legengs mod for GTR2 as well as a got number of new tracks.
SSR Portal All kinds of tools for GTR2.

Need for Speed

NFSCars One of the largest addoncar sites for NFS in the web.
NFS Garage Yet a good NFS Addon site, soon a good multigame addon site.
NFS Unlimted Good source for news.

World Racing

Synetic Forum Offical Forum for the game. Main Language is german but they run also english subforum for ya.
Krom's Homepage No way around my friend Krom. He is the creator of all the WR tools you need!
The Borg Forum The largest WR addons homepage I know. They also have stuff for other games.