Reilsss's MuscleYiff IRC Chat Channel

What you find here:
Main Informatinos about the channel
Channel Rules

Main Informatinos about the channel

What is it #MuscleYiff?
#Muscleyiff is a adult only IRC channel on FurNet Irc server. It was made to fill the gap of offering channels on FurNet Server. The channel is all about furs or scalies that admire the beauty of buff muscle pacakages. You are welcome to visit the gym place where you can workout your muscles to become big and beafy.

What do I need to join ?
- You need to be a Fur or a Scalie, if you do not know what that is, are you wrong here.
- You need to be +18, to join the mature content of the channel.
- You need a program that can connect to an IRC Server.

Where can I find it?
- Possible IRC Server: Port: 6667
- Channel on FurNet Servers: #MuscleYiff
- You have to be +18 to join!

Channel Rules

The Channel has rigth now not many rules at all, but those few should be respected from anyone.

Current Channel Rules:

  1. No flamewars. If you get in a conflict with another person, set the word figth to a private query please instace of distracting the other channel visitors.
  2. Follow Operator Warrings. If you iroge warrings of the channel operators or owners, can you get kicked or kick-banned from the channel.
  3. Respect each other. If you don't, is it a reason to kick you the channel.
  4. Extrem Fetishes like Scat or Bloodsport belong to other channels on IRC If you want to RP them, take it to a other channel or a privat query please.
  5. Accept Rollplaying. Accept rollplaying of others, and do not try to ruin them. It is allowed to join fun anyhow. For that are they in the public.
  6. By problems, with other people, trolls or any other stuff, feel free to contact anybody of the Staff team for getting help.
  7. If somebody yiffs in the channel, has this to be accepted. But the yiffing people have to accept also that other people might still talk with other people durring there yiff. Because this is a public channel are both allowed to use it. If you want privatice please leave into a query PM; where nobody will interubt your actions.